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T. Clark - Amarillo

It was amazing!!! We had 9 dives and took it to the next level. The people, the food, the entertainment were all excellent. Hated to leave, but will definitely return some day! The weather favored us Vanilla's with slight overcast most of the time. United Airlines was flawless, Thanks for all your help.


Ref:Sandals Negril


K. Dennis - Amarillo

We appreciated all of your help and info. It really was the best time. We are already talking about where to go next.

V. Smith - Amarillo

We had an awesome time and it was sooo beautiful! Loved It! I will definitely let you know when we take our next vacation 🙂 We are hoping to take Keaton to Beaches and Turks & Caicos in a few years!! Thanks again for all your help! Take care!

R & J Smith - Amarillo

It was perfect!!!! Beautiful view !!!! Thank you !!!

R & C Richardson - Amarillo

Destination Wedding Couple @ Sandals Negril:

Oh my goodness everything is an amazing as you said it would be!!! Thank you for all your help with everything! We are ready to get married in a few hours. You made our trip so easy! Especially since we had no clue.

D & C Cox - Amarillo

Thanks so much for your help, adivse, and tips, they really helped.

R. Clark - Amarillo

Thanks so much for all your help and information.

D. Kincade - Amarillo

I want to give some insight to my recent trip in October 2014 to Turks & Caicos on our BFF trip. I had a wonderful experience, the people and staff were fantastic. The Turks and Beaches experience was once again awesome. I love coming home and this will be my third trip home when when we once again come home in September 2015. I truly love my travel agent for recommending this trip three year ago and can't wait to get back. The Beaches experience is one everyone should try at least once.

I. Crawford - Panhandle

I started using Lynn LeGate as a travel agent for a honeymoon over 16 years ago. The husband is no longer around but my love of travel still exists. Lynn has planned many adventures since then including a long weekend trip to Sante Fe, trips to New Orleans French Quarter and Las Vegas with my daughter, a celebration of milestone birthdays in the Dominican Republic, several cruises, a romantic Caribbean vacation with my boyfriend, our annual girl's trip to Turks & Caicos for the BFF, and several others. Sometimes I don't know where I want to go, just that I want to go. Absolute Vacations makes getting away so easy. They not only point me in a direction, but make all of the arrangements to get me there, with all the information I need to thoroughly enjoy the trip. I can wait for the next adventure!

J. Miller - Canyon

Thank you it was awesome. Sandals Negril is the best place we have stayed so far. All the free activities always gave us something to do.

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